TrueCommerce Based Customization with SageX3 Integration Improves 120% Productivity for a Food & Beverage Customer

The client is a leading pizza crust maker annually baking more than 200 million crusts supplied to frozen pizza manufacturers, chain accounts, foodservice distributors, and specialty pizza distributors all across the USA.

The client has built its reputation for its fast service, short lead time processing customer orders from its multiple manufacturing lines, each running three shifts to meet the growing demand.

The client engages a major temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation company for its temperature-controlled warehousing for the storage of its perishable pizza crusts. The cold storage provider’s warehouses are an integral part of the supply chain connecting food producers, food processors, distributors, and retailers.

A leading cloud-based trading service provider, TrueCommece acts, and a liaison between the client and the warehousing & transportation company to trade business documents exchanged through electronic data (EDI) platform supported by web APIs for order processing and order confirmations.

The client deals with the stock transfer, warehouse operations such as shipping orders, shipment advice, and inventory operations such as inventory status changes & quantity changes. Its trading partner does not have the necessary APIs to support these EDI transactions.

With huge volumes handled in these categories, the manual effort to handle all the requests is very high, consuming huge resources and time of the operations team.

GerminIT’s solution experts analyzed the requirements given by the client to build a customization solution enabling EDI 943 – Stock Transfer Export, 940 – Shipments Export, 947 – Inventory Quantity & status change, 945 – BOL creation and shipment details update. These customizations blended with the standard API support provided by TrueCommerce for a smooth integration to exchange EDI information with the warehousing and transportation company and the client.

Key Takeaways after solution Implementation-

  • The manual efforts of handling high volumes of EDI 940 -945 Series documents are completely eliminated thereby improving the overall process efficiencies.
  • The team’s productivity has improved by 120% with the automation of this process.

Have a similar requirement or want to know how we implemented the solution for the client, reach out to our Sage X3 customization experts at GerminIT.

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