How a Leading Consumer Goods conglomerate Customised Sage X3 People for Payroll and HR Management

The customer is a leading consumer goods conglomerate present in over ten countries has manufacturing plants located across North America, the Middle East, and Europe. The company believes in encouraging diversity in its workforce, being a key component of its founding principles, employs a workforce of over 30k. The customer trusts Sage X3 People to handle its payroll and HR management processes. 

With such a diverse workforce coming from different countries, there is always a need to adopt local labour laws and tune the existing processes to suit the local employees. The vanilla Sage X3 People suite offers a generic solution with standard leave types and processes, handling overtime requests, workflows for unreported absenteeism, compensation, and benefits related to the law of the land. These are common for any HRMS system and does not suit the vast geographies and diverse ethnicity of employees under the payroll.

The customer had an extensive list of customizations to suit the system for its Middle East employees. These customizations include Employee Self Service workflows for overtime management, adding new leave types and their business rules, workflows to handle payroll management based on the absence type and eligibility, and time & attendance integration with the legacy Time Management module in use.

The second phase of the customization dealt with integrating the data flow between Sage X3 and X3 people to ensure the accounting module always has live data based on the employee transactions which happen on the HRMS system.

In the entire process of Sage X3 People customisation, GerminIT’s consultants have been clinical in understanding the local labour laws, the customer’s business requirements, and the strategic objectives that the customer achieves with these customizations. The team analysed the customer requirements, identified the sub-modules needing customisation to the standard process, and deployed the customizations.

In addition, to the Sage X3 People customisation, there were custom forms built and integrated with the X3 system to capture additional employee information which is not part of the standard product.

Key Takeaways:

The implemented solution integrated the manual process of handling new leave types, leave management workflows, overtime and the corresponding payroll process workflows, leading to a 120% increase in process efficiency and cost savings.

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