How a New Invoice Type Creation in the SageX3 ERP System Led to 70% Reduction in Processing Time for a Leading Healthcare Client

The client is a leading healthcare product distributor operating in the household, OTC healthcare, and recreational healthcare products.

Its operations, research, and manufacturing activities span nine countries handled by over 250 employees. The client has chosen Sage X3 for its U.S operations, which is a conglomerate of 53 small companies, focusing on the OTC (over the counter) healthcare products and their distribution. The manufacturing of these products is handled from different plants spread across multiple countries around the world.

Problem Statement:

With its manufacturing operations across continents, the U.S operations handle multiple freights of product lines originating from the South East Asian countries to the U.S shores. One of the key processes after every freight is handling the invoicing, payments, and receipt of these freight between the shipping companies and the distributor.

The process of handling each freight invoice is manual and requires the operations team to update the details into the ERP system. This process was prone to manual errors, time-consuming, and resulted in inefficient operations.

Solution Implemented:

The client was looking for a holistic solution that could standardize the freight invoicing process irrespective of the type of freight invoices received from different sources. After careful analysis of the as-is processes, GerminIT’s Sage X3 customization experts suggested importing the freight invoices via EDI transactions matching the invoices to the deliveries within Sage X3 as a feasible solution to the client.

The custom solution implemented handles all freight invoices in CSV format from the EDI provider. A new invoice type, “Freight Invoice”, is created in the SageX3 system. This SageX3 customization solution adds a reference number in the invoice screen for each shipment. While importing the incoming invoices through the EDI, this reference number is matched to map the deliveries with the invoices in the Sage X3 ERP System.

Outcome and Results:

The Sage X3 custom solution helped the client to standardize its freight invoice process removing the laborious manual tasks, leading to-

  • 70% reduction in processing time.
  • An equivalent of 25 FTE hours/ month provided back to the client.
  • 99% success rate across all freight invoice processing requests.
  • Visible cost savings.

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