How a Multinational IT Services Company Achieved Customer Security Access with Sage X3 Customisation

The client is a multinational IT services company operating across global geographies. It brings together different users across its functional domains that play a very critical role in building its operations and driving revenues.  

Problem Statement

To track all the users from multiple functional hierarchies, their leads, sales, and other information, the client relies on a single ERP solution and has to decide whom to give access and what level of access. The complexities increased when a single customer handled up to 10 users simultaneously. With multiple levels of user hierarchy, the client had an in-depth requirement for meeting the needs of user security access.  

The client wanted to associate different functional domain users to match customer records and then restrict transaction functions to the specific user profile based on their assigned customers. The client wanted to implement customer security access that allowed restricted record access. For instance, if a user listed on customer NA004 and NA051 navigated to the sales order function, the proposed customized solution only shows sales orders maintained for NA004 and NA051 records.

After assessing its robust functionality into IT service operations and validating several ERP providers based on multiple qualitative and quantitative aspects like scalability and flexibility, the client chose Sage X3 as a strategic solution partner to complement its customer security access maintenance.  

This restriction to access the client’s ERP Modules is based on the customers (uses) role and their functional department.


The client was looking for a holistic solution that would customize customer security access. After careful analysis of the as-is processes, GerminIT’s Sage X3 customization experts understood the client’s functionality with row-level permissions, and the requirement for the solution to ensure scalability for multiple customer access assigned by a single user. The proposed solution designed created one customized function which would give access to the only admin profile. Subsequently, the admin would assign the customers to the users.

The custom solution implemented to the user access the customers in the entire systems which are assigned by the admin.

Based on the customer filter users can access only those customers which are assigned by the admin.

Key Outcomes & Benefits

Sage X3 integrated customer security solution helped the client to restrict its transaction functions to the specific user profile based on their assigned customers, leading to-

  • 80% reduction in average time taken for user to access critical tasks like customer master, sales orders, inquiry- etc.
  • Seamless user access of customers, filtering the data to be displayed to a particular user.

We at GerminIT’s work on creating high impact customisations on Sage X3.

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