Sage X3 Customisation for Process Integration

Multinational IT Services Company deploys Sage X3 Customisation for Data Integrity in Order Management


  • Multinational IT services company operating across global geographies.

The customer is a United States-based multinational IT services company that has leveraged software, expert consulting, and award-winning support to empower its clients to enable their business growth. It brings together different users across its functional domains from manufacturing, distribution, professional services, to retail.


The customer wants to preserve the sales order and delivery amount at the time of creation, even if the user changes the sales order/delivery amount(s) it still remains the same.


  • Inventory Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Easy Consolidation
  • Order Management
  • Data Integrity
  • Timely Reporting
  • Process Integration
  • Data Segmentation

The existing functionality would change the matrices of sales order/delivery with any addition, removal, reduction or an increase in the delivery amount or qty. The customer wants a customised solution which would help it to preserve sales order against the delivery amount at the time of creation for analysis of future requirements and recording purposes.

The customer requirements include no change in the order value and delivery amount even if the user changes the lines of the sales order/delivery. To facilitate order management, data integrity, and process integration, the customer was looking for a customised solution that would keep the original sales order/delivery amount unchanged with any updates.


Sage X3, a robust dynamic solution, was implemented to accomplish the desired customisation which assisted in the process improvements and process integration as highlighted in the business process design outlined.

Customised New Field Creation

  • Creating new fields dedicated to store the sales order amount and delivery amount at the time of their initiation.

Freezing the Customized Fields

  • Making the customized fields non-editable which would restrict the user from editing/updating it.


Sage X3 integrates with the existing systems to facilitate the customisation of business processes.

  • The IT services company has achieved greater controls on its Inventory Management, Order Management with data integrity objectives outlined in the beginning of the customisation requirement.
  • The customer is rest assured that the creation of new fields and subsequently freezing those fields will help it to preserve sales order against the delivery amount at the time of creation. The X3 customisation would further strengthen its analysis of future requirements and recording purposes.

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