Learn how to Disassemble a Stock-Kit in Acumatica?

Disassembly can be used to break down the stock items into components. Users can disassemble their stock kits in case one or more of the stock items are expired or for any other reason. 

The Disassembling of kits doesn’t imply on Non-Stock Kit Items. 

To disassemble a stock kit, below mentioned are the steps: 

  1. After logging into Acumatica, navigate to the Kit Assembly (IN307000) form. 
  1. Make sure that the reason code that you want to mention for disassembly has been defined in the Reason Codes (CS2117000) form. 
  1. Add a new record on the Kit Assembly (IN307000) form. 
  1. Mark the Type as Disassemble
  1. Select the Inventory ID of the stock kit that you want to disassemble and the Warehouse where the disassembly would be performed. 
  1. Enter the quantity of kit units that you want to disassemble.
  • Save and then Release it.
  • Hence, the system will now return all the stock components to their original locations in the respective warehouses.

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