Is Fast-track deployment of Acumatica better than the Regular one?

Whether you are a small or mid-size business, Acumatica provides options for a regular implementation or a fast-track deployment.

Acumatica FastTrack deployment has been designed to speed up business processes by deploying the software for today’s growing businesses in 90 days or less.

The key benefits of Acumatica FastTrack deployment are: – 

  1. Lower Cost to Entry: 
    With the Acumatica FastTrack Deployment option, businesses can initiate their implementation with their requirements parallelly adapting to the system and hence, can help to scale up the business processes. Not only this, such deployment has a fixed cost, eradicating the huge up-front costs. 
  1. Reduced Time to value: 
    With this option, the deployment takes a much lesser time of around 90 days or lesser than that with proper setup, training, and go-live support. Hence, reducing the time that requires long requirement assemblages, time-taking functional processes, and customizations. 
  1. Secure and Quick time to Productivity: 
    With the  Acumatica FastTrack  Deployment option, businesses can cut down the cost and time on learning curves, with users getting engaged in the new system quickly and efficiently. 
  1. Increased ROI: 
    With the Acumatica FastTrack option, businesses can get a greater return on their investments as there would be faster closure cycles; hence, it will also provide the staff and employees of the businesses with a way to start operating the system with easier access. 

The Acumatica FastTrack promises to deliver excellent solutions to businesses. This is because it has some exceptional solutions for small businesses, which will only work for some businesses. Also, this deployment option is only available for General Business, Distribution, and Construction Editions. But the rest of the features can also be added always later, which is an additional benefit of Acumatica.

In conclusion, Acumatica FastTrack can overcome the obstacles of small and mid-size businesses. How do you know Acumatica is best for your business? The only way to know if Acumatica FastTrack is right for you is to reach out to us at 


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