How much does Acumatica ERP cost?

Learn how Acumatica Cloud ERP boosts businesses to greater heights with the pricing based on the editions selected. Here's how to calculate its cost.

The first important step for every business is deciding whether they require ERP systems to be implemented. Successively the next challenge is selecting the best ERP per their requirements, company size, and budget. And among these factors, the cost of the ERP software is the main factor, as businesses might need different types of solutions related to only HRMS, Manufacturing, and retail commerce, for instance. Along with this, multiple factors affect the cost of the software, including the number of users, the deployment platform, customizations, maintenance, etc. 

Acumatica, unlike other ERP systems, charges based on the utilization, that is, the selection of the modules and editions. Acumatica enables small and mid-size enterprises to realize their full potential and accelerate growth. The Acumatica ERP system provides a portfolio of fully-integrated apps powered by a sturdy and flexible platform and is built on the greatest cloud and mobile technologies available today.

For companies searching for cutting-edge cloud-based enterprise software, there is Acumatica. In this blog, let’s understand more about Acumatica Cloud ERP Pricing and how much does Acumatica ERP cost? 

What factors affect the pricing of Acumatica ERP? 

  1. Size of the company: Since Acumatica doesn’t charge more for additional users, it does help the consultants have an idea of the size of the business before deploying Acumatica Cloud ERP.

  1. Business Requirements: Businesses can utilize Acumatica Cloud ERP for multiple functions, which include Financial Management, CRM, Project Accounting, Data reporting, Inventory management, order management, and so on.

  1. Deployment Platform: Acumatica provides different types of deployment options. Companies can select whether they require their software to be deployed on Private Cloud, SaaS Subscription, and Public Cloud options.

Based on the above factors, Acumatica cloud ERP pricing can be calculated as follows:

  1. Choosing the Edition: Acumatica comes out mainly in 3 editions: Small, Advanced, and Enterprise- 
  • The Small Edition consists of core financials designed for small companies. 
  • The Advance Edition is designed for mid-market companies.
  • The Enterprise Edition is designed for larger companies that require advanced financials and other advanced functionalities. 
  1. Choosing the module: Acumatica ERP has different modules to silt your business needs, which include Finance, CRM, Inventory, Manufacturing, Distribution, Project Accounting, Currency Management, System Management, Construction, etc. 
  1. Customizations: Acumatica Cloud ERP allows users to customize the software as per their requirements. With the help of certified Acumatica ERP developers, companies can get their software custom-tailored and, thus, operate their business processes without any hassle. 

Where can you get the Acumatica ERP? 

Acumatica is available from its resellers. The consultants and the developers at GerminIT specialize in a wide variety of industries. With our expertise and industry experience,  GerminIT aims to take your business to new heights.

Contact us at to learn more about Acumatica’s integrated Cloud ERP solution. 


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