How to create Shifts in Acumatica?

Shifts are a part of the establishment module of each and every organization to plan and schedule employee shifts without any obstacles.

Let us suppose the user wants to create a regular shift of working employees for a period of Monday-Friday. 

Step 1: In the main menu select Bill of Material. 

Then under the Preferences category select the Shifts (AM205000) form and click on the Plus icon. 

Step 2: In the added row, specify the following settings: 

  • Shift: The shift identifier, which can be any numeric code up to 4 characters in length. 
  • Description: The description of the shift. 
  • Difference type: The shift differential can be set as a fixed Amount per hour for time recorded for this shift, or as a Rate per hour. 
  • Shift difference: The amount of the shift differential will be entered as an hourly amount or a rate depending on the Differential Type selected. 
  • Crew size: The default number of employees per shift.  

After specifying the details in the column on the form toolbar click Save

Hence, a shift to a regular working period has been created in the system.

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