Grow your business with Acumatica Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Leverage web-based Acumatica CRM applications for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and customer accounts.

Customer Relationship Management is one of the central pillars of any business. CRM not only consists of handling customer interactions but also helps to build an omnichannel presence, increase close rates, boost loyalty, and drive profit. With Acumatica CRM Suite, businesses can easily collect and manage customer accounts from various channels, generating more leads, closing more sales, and maximizing the productivity of consumer-centric groups. Not only this, but the CRM suite also provides integration with the billing and finance data, campaign management, and capturing of leads via web forms, mobile apps, outlook mail, or import scenarios.

What are the features and potentialities of Acumatica CRM Suite?

  • Get a 360-degree view of your business processes: 
    With Acumatica CRM module, businesses can attain a complete perspective of the financials and operational and consumer data from various sources. With all these data, businesses can better view their profitability and interactions.
  • Use of Automation tools: 
    Acumatica CRM modules also consist of automation tools that can help businesses to eradicate time-consuming processes. With this, they cannot only manage the leads and improvise the conversion workflows and rates but also influence the sales management processes. 
  • Self-Service Portal: 
    The Self-Service Portal provides a solution for customers where they can efficiently contact businesses. The site is specifically designed for consumers so they can look at the interactions with the companies and carry out practical activities from the site. 
  •  Organize Contact Management: 
    Acumatica provides its integration with Microsoft Outlook as an add-in feature with the help of which businesses can create and convert their leads and opportunities directly from their inbox, record the activities and link the e-mail contents to the CRM Suite.
  • Clear visibility: 
    With the help of Dashboards, Generic Inquiries, and Reports, businesses can track down real-time data to manage their sales, quotes, and forecasts and get better results.
  • Unified Document Management: 
    Businesses can manage the repository of email templates, pricing lists, images, videos, and other docs so the entire company can utilize them. 

What things shall Businesses consider before opting for Acumatica Customer Relationship Management?

Before businesses can opt for CRM Suites, they should consider some of the below-mentioned points to get a business-driven approach. 

  1. Understand the target customers and their geography. 
  1. Provision of 24/7 access to important content to the customers, including marketing, educational resources, etc. 
  1. Opt for such a CRM system that can provide better ROI, and Acumatica has proven results with its capabilities.

Want to take full advantage of your CRM power? 

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