How to restrict the Visibility of Inventory Items/Item Classes to users in Acumatica?

A company may be into distribution of various type of goods/services in stock. In some cases, the users who work with such items may be carrying out specific tasks & work with only specific group of items/item classes. Hence, Acumatica provides the users to restrict the visibility of items/item classes in order to lessen such types of errors.

Use Case: Let us suppose that the organization sells jams and that each employee of the sales department works with jams of particular flavor. When managers create sales orders, they should select only from the list of jams they sell to avoid entry mistakes. Further suppose that Joseph Becher sells Apple & Orange jam, Kimberly Gibbs sells Cherry & Kiwi jam. To restrict the visibility of inventory items to the appropriate users in the system, you would create the following restriction groups with direct restrictions on the Inventory Item Access (IN103000) form: 

Group 1: This group would include the restriction for Joseph Becher for Apple & orange jams. 

Group 2: This group would include the restriction for Kimberly Gibbs for Cherry & Kiwi jams. 

As a result, Joseph Becher can view & select the items on Apple & Orange jams whereas Kimberly Gibbs can only view & select the items on Cherry & Kiwi jams.  

  1. Login to the Acumatica site as an admin. 
  1. Search for Inventory Item Access (IN103000) form in the universal search bar. 

Or under the Row Level Security menu, in the Configuration section click on Inventory Item Access

  1. Now in order to set the restriction for Group 1, enter Group 1 in the Group name box. 
  1. Enter the description in the Description box. 
  1. Select the Group Type as A. 
  1. In order to activate this restriction group check mark on Active box. And then click on Save button to save it. 

  1. As soon as the record is saved the list of the users on the system are loaded in the Users tab. Check mark on becher row.

  1. Now under Item Classes tab select JAM class. 

  1. And under Inventory Items tab select the only varieties of Apple & Orange jams.

  1. And click on Save button to save this restriction group. 
  1. Similarly create the restriction group for Group 2 for Kimberly Gibbs having access only to the varieties of Cherry & Kiwi jams for JAM item class. 
  1. Hence, in this way the users working on the system for particular inventory items can be restricted to access the items. 

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