How to make corrections of amounts in Pro Forma Invoices in Acumatica?

The Pro Forma invoices in Acumatica can be corrected when they have the Closed status. They can also be corrected even if the corresponding created AR document for this pro forma invoice has been released.

In order to make corrections in the Pro Forma invoices, we will adjust the amounts and then release the pro forma invoices. We will then release the credit memo created to reverse the previous AR invoices and the release new AR invoice that is created for this pro forma invoice. And at last, we will generate the AIA report for the newly created pro forma invoice and hence verify the corrected amounts.

Use Case: Let’s suppose that a project manager has created a project to track the progress to control the revenues and expenses. Further suppose that the manager notices that a mistake has been made in one of the lines in the first pro forma invoice. The total of the pro forma invoice is 7,219,630.64 but it should be 7,019,630.64. The project manager reviewed the invoices and found out the following corrections are to be made: 
the Amount to Invoice in the line with the cost code 02-000 and the project task 02 is 1,447,348.00 but it should be 1,247,348.00. 

The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Login to Acumatica site. 
  1. Search for Projects (PM3010PL) form in universal search bar. 

or under Construction menu head on to the Profiles section and select Projects.

  1. Open the Project ID = HOTELCP. 
  1. On the Invoices tab click the Pro Forma Invoice Nbr.=000010.

  1. Now in order to correct the amounts in the opened Pro Forma Invoice click on Correct Pro Forma Invoices under the Actions button. 

  1. Edit the Amount to Invoice column to 1,247,348.00 for the Project Task=02 and Cost Code=02-000 

in the Summary area make sure the total now changes to 7,019,630.64.

  1. On the form toolbar click Remove Hold and then Release

  1. The system creates a new AR invoice based on this corrected Pro Forma Invoice that can be viewed and released under the Financial Details tab. 

  1. Click on the pencil icon in order to release the newly generated AR invoice. 

  1. Now again open the project HOTELCP on the Projects (PM301000) form. Under the Invoices tab notice that the newly generated invoice and the credit memo have appeared in the table. And a warning is also being indicated to regenerate AIA reports. 

  1. Now select the second line and click on AIA Report button. It opens the report on the AIA Reports form. Make sure that the corrections are made in the amounts as shown below. 

  1. Now again open the same project on the Projects (PM301000) form and select the last line with the warning and click on AIA Report button. This will open the report in the AIA Reports form and make sure that the value of Total Completed & Stored to Date has been changed to 18.967,859.49 

Hence, in this way the correction of amounts in the Pro Forma Invoices are made & the AIA Reports are updated.

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