How to create an Expense Receipt in Acumatica?

An expense receipt is a document that confirms the expenses that you as an employee have incurred while performing some work for the organization.

The Expense Receipt (EP301010) form is available if the Expense Management feature is enabled on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form. 

Below mentioned are the steps for creating an Expense Receipt in Acumatica: 

  1. Login to Acumatica site. 
  1. Search for Expense Receipts (EP301010) in the universal search bar. 

or in the Time & Expenses menu under the Expense Claims section click Expense Receipts

  1. Click on + icon to add a new record. This will redirect to the Expense Receipt (EP301020) form. 
  1. Enter the date when this expense receipt was issued in the Date box. 
    In the Expense Item box select the non stock item for which this expense receipt is being created. 
  1. In the Claimed By box select the employee for whom this expense receipt would be claimed. 
  1. In the Branch box select the branch of the organization that would reimburse the expense to the selected employee. 

  1. In the Receipt Details tab, enter the description of this expense receipt in the Description box. Enter the quantity of the expense item, the unit of measure for the expense item is displayed in the UOM box. 
    If the user wants, they can override the unit cost of the Expense Item in the Unit Cost box. 
  1. If required the user can change the currency of the receipt to be claimed in the Currency box. The Employee Part box indicates the part of the amount that would not be reimbursed to the employee for this particular expense receipt. 
  1. For future reference, the reference number of the original receipt can be entered in the Ref.Nbr. box. 
  1. If the employee has incurred these expenses while working on a specific project/contract, select it in the Project/Contract box. And the task in the Project Task box. 
  1. If there’s any existing expense claim to be associated with this receipt then select it in the Expense Claim box. 

  1. If there’s any tax to be applied to this expense receipt the default values can be overridden in the Tax Info section. And the tax amounts can be modified in the Tax Details tab. 

  1. In the Financial Details section, specify the information if the expense receipt is billable to a customer by clicking on Billable checkbox and selecting the customer in the Customer box. 
  1. If there’s any image to be attached with this expense receipt the the user can upload them in the Image section. 

  1. At last, click on Save button in order to save this expense receipt. 

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