How to create Expense Claims in Acumatica?

Expense claims are submitted by employees to claim back the costs that they might have personally paid for in relation to their work on behalf of the organization.

In Acumatica, an employee can file a claim for the reimbursement of expenses they might have incurred on the Expense Claims (EP301010) form. The Expense Claim (EP301010) form is available if the Expense Management feature is enabled on Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form. 

Below mentioned are the steps for creating an Expense Claim in Acumatica: 

  1. Login to Acumatica site. 
  1. Search for Expense Claims (EP301030) form in the universal bar. 

or under the Time & Expenses menu in the Expense Claims section click Expense Claims (EP301030) form. 

  1. Click on + icon to add a new record. This would open the Expense Claim (EP301000) form. 
  1. Enter the date when this claim was entered in the Date box, 
  1. Enter the description of this claim in the Description box. 
  1. Select the employee who is claiming the expense in the Claimed By box. 
  1. If the employee incurred the expenses while working for a particular customer then select the customer in the Customer box. 

  1. In the Expense Claim Details tab, do one of the following- 
    – if there’s any new expense receipt to be added with this claim, click Add New Receipt button on the table toolbar. This would open up the Expense Receipt (EP301020) form and enter the receipt details. 
    – if there’s any existing expense receipt to be associated with this claim, click on Add Receipt button on the table toolbar. This would open up a dialog box, select one or more of the existing expense receipts. 
    – if the lines are to be added directly then click on the + icon in the table toolbar or on the empty row of the table & fill in the details. 

  1. The tax amounts for the claim can be modified under the Tax Details tab. 

  1. Click on Save button to save the record. In order to submit the expense claim for further processing then click on Submit button. 

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