How to resolve the issue when a full-text search is not working in Acumatica

Full-text search functionality in Acumatica makes finding what you are looking for faster and more efficient way.

The full-text search functionality of Acumatica decreases the users’ time to find the required information. Whether it is finding the site maps or transactions or help topics, or even files/docs attached, we can search all with the help of the universal search bar.

But sometimes, upon upgrading the system/database, restoring the snapshot, or searching for some info, the following error might get triggered: An issue might be prompted if the Full-Text Search feature is inactive/disabled on the server. Hence, the system shows the warning message to the users, as shown above.

But this feature can be enabled/activated by restarting the Full-text Search command.

For the Acumatica 2022R2 ERP version, they have added the command to the Rebuild Full-Text Search Entity Index (SM209500) form to restart. However, for the earlier versions, users must run MS-SQL scripts to enable/activate the Full-Text Search command on the server.

To enable/activate the Full-Text Search command for Acumatica ERP 2022R2 version.

Below are the steps:

  1. After logging into Acumatica, search or navigate to the Rebuild Full-Text Search Entity Index (SM209500) form. 
  1. Now click on Process All button to restart the Full-Text Search

  1. This would open the processing box with the status whenever it is completed. 
  1. And hence, the Full-Text search command is restarted. 

To enable/activate the Full-Text Search command for Acumatica ERP 2022R1 or earlier versions.

The procedure involves modifications to be made directly in the database server. Hence, it is required for the users to have database administrator permissions to execute the SQL queries. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. After logging into the SQL database server, open a new SQL script. 
  1. Enter and run the following query: 

SELECT *FROM sys.fulltext_indexes

  1. If the query returned an empty result, it means that the Full-Text Search is disabled/inactive. 
  1. Now to activate/enable it, enter and run the following code: 

EXEC Pp_disablefulltext 
EXEC Pp_enablefulltext 

And hence, the Full-Text Search command is enabled/activated.

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