Customize your AP/AR check serial nos. with Acumatica

Acumatica ERP has the feature where the users can modify the check numbers as per their company's requirement and specifications from the financial institutions.

Use Case:  

The user wants to customize the check serial number (starting from Check No. 0) for the payment method of CHECKTEST.

To customize the check serial numbers in Acumatica, below mentioned are the steps:

  1. After logging into Acumatica, navigate or search for the Payment Methods (CA204000) form. 
  1. Click on the CHECKTEST Payment Method ID for which serial numbers are to be customized (refer to screenshot 1). 

Screenshot 1

  1. Now under the ALLOWED CASH ACCOUNTS tab, navigate to the AP/PR Last Reference Number column. 
  1. Enter “Check No. 0” in the row of the 10200WH Wholesale Checking account. 
  1. And checkmark the box for the AP/PR Suggest Next Number column so that the system can automatically generate the next numbers of the checks. 
  1. And then click on the Save button. 

Screenshot 2

  1. Now open the Checks and Payments (AP302000) form from the Payables workspace; see Screenshot 2. 
  1. Open the record for which the customized payment method has been selected. 
  1. Click on the Print/Process button on the form toolbar; refer to screenshot 3. 

Screenshot 3

  1. The system will redirect the page to the Process Payments/Print Checks (AP505000) form. 
  1. Or else users, after setting up the payment method, can directly navigate to the Process Payments/Print Checks (AP505000) form. 
  1. Select the payment method. 
  1. Here, we can see that the Next Check Number (screenshot 4) has automatically been generated as we have check marked the column to generate the next number in Step 5. 

Screenshot 4

  1. Checkmark on the records to print the checks as per the requirement. 
  1. And then, click on the Process button on the form toolbar. 
  1. This would open the printable version of the selected checks, as shown in Screenshot 5 and 6 below-  

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Hence, in such a way, users can customize the AP/AR check serial nos. with Acumatica as per their requirements.

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