How to resolve the “Creator cannot be empty” error in Acumatica?

While creating requisitions from requests in Acumatica, on the Create Requisitions (RQ504000) form, the system might trigger.

The below-displayed error, as in screenshot 1:

Screenshot 1

The error is triggered because, while creating a Requisition record in Acumatica, it is mandatory to mention the creator’s name and the name of the person to whom the requisition has been assigned.

To resolve this error,

  1. Log in with the user account that has the access right to create the requisition. 
  1. Search or navigate to the Create Requisitions (RQ504000). 
  1. Select the employee’s name in the Assigned To selector field or checkmark the Me checkbox (see screenshots 2 and 3):
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
  1. Select the requests for which requisitions are to be created. 
  1. Click on the Process button. If all the requests are to be created as a requisition, click on the Process All button.  
  1. And hence, the request can be successfully processed to create a requisition record as shown in the screenshot 4 below:

Screenshot 4

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