Acumatica Tips: How to add a new Date field in Acumatica?

This blog explains how users can add a new date field in any Acumatica screen with lesser coding & get expected results in no time.

Use Case: Let us assume that a user wants to add a Date field of the Date of Manufacturing under the Others tab of the Purchase Receipt (PO302000) screen of Acumatica, screenshot 1-

Screenshot 1

The data displayed in the below-mentioned steps are from the U100 dataset of Acumatica.

To add a new field, below mentioned are the steps:

  1. After logging into Acumatica, create a new project in Customization Projects (SM204505) screen. 
  1. Add the existing Purchase Receipts (PO302000) screen. 

Screenshot 2

  1. Select the Tab: CurrentDocument section and navigate to the Add Data Fields tab, screenshot 3.

Screenshot 3

  1. Click on the New Field button under the Add Data Fields tab, Screenshot 4.

Screenshot 4

  1. Upon clicking, a pop-up window of Create New Field will appear. Enter the required details as shown below. And then click on the OK button, as in screenshot 5-

Screenshot 5

  1. Publish the project. 
  1. Since the new field is to be added under the Bill Date field of the Others tab, navigate to the Bill Date of Tab: CurrentDocument in the middle pane. 
  1. Click on the Add Data Fields tab; refer to screenshot 6.

Screenshot 6

  1. Select the checkbox for the newly created field and click on Create Controls button. 
  1. And click on the Save button, screenshot 7.

Screenshot 7

  1. Publish the project. 
  1. And hence, the field has been added, as in screenshots 8 and 9-

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

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