How Businesses can cut futile costs and prioritize manufacturing.

Read how Businesses can aim for excellence with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition by leveraging powerful features and functions.

Being a cloud ERP solution, Acumatica has been built in such a way that it can continuously serve the developing and dynamic business requirements. Since it is an industry-focused solution, Acumatica helps businesses keep up with current trends, whether marketing, distribution, manufacturing, or any industry, all from the cloud.

And when it comes to Manufacturing industries; where inventory control, reporting, planning and scheduling, lot traceability, material requirement planning, and access to real-time data are the main subject of concern; Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition not only provides better and complete control over the redundant expenditures in the company but also helps out to prioritize the Manufacturing processes with ease.

So, some of the key features of the edition, along with their capabilities, are:

Advanced Planning & Scheduling: 
This feature provides extended enhancements to give the users a complete view to manage and monitor the shop floor activities. It also consists of finite capacity scheduling, rough cut planning, work center, machine & tool schedules, and their utilization.

Advance Estimating facility: 
The Manufacturing Edition allows its users to track and control the conversion of all the inventory items into BOMs or production orders. Not only this, but the system also provides users to organize all kinds of ECR/ECO with the approval workflow. Hence, users can gain clear visibility at every step.

Material Requirement Planning: 
The MRP function of the Manufacturing Edition helps the organizations satisfy the customers’ requirements and maintain the inventory levels side by side. Not only this, but the system takes care of the required quantities, and whenever required, the system suggests the user procure the materials by creating POs with one click. With the help of Material Planning Schedules and Forecasts, the system provides the users with the data for MRP.

Handling of Production Scrap and Waste: 
Waste, the loss of the input products, is specified as a Scrap factor while the production process is initiated in Acumatica. While Scrap is the loss of the resultant product, the value can be recorded in Acumatica. Not only this but this loss of products can also be sent for rework on them and can either be sold at a low price or used as input for the next production process. Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition can handle such records with complete comfort and effortlessly.

Measure the company’s performance with KPIs: 
Manufacturing industries are regularly challenged to keep up with the market by introducing new products, adapting to new methodologies, and stabilizing supply and demand in times of increased demand. With Acumatica, companies can easily control all of the issues mentioned above. Acumatica’s dashboards and reporting tools provide a clear view of the business processes, helping to make better and quicker decisions.

Bills of Material: 
With the Bills of the Material module, the production department can create, plan and manage the manufacturing. With this, users can directly record the materials, tools, overheads, and if any outside processes are required. They can even record the by-products and backflushing of labor and materials.

Pre-assignment of Lot/Serial Numbers: 
Different production order types can be configured whether any pre-assignment of Lot/Serial numbers to the produced items is required and at what stage shall the items be assigned lot/serial numbers. With this, users can track the items inputted and produced and their usage.

Why choose Acumatica?

In conclusion, Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition provides its users with a complete view of the manufacturing system, which can be make-to-order, make-to-stock production items. Thus, this edition is designed to provide a better ROI value, including Bills of material, MRP, planning, and scheduling, advance financials, Production order management, and Sales-Purchase Order management with multiple manufacturing processes. The complete software provides real-time information that can be accessed at any time and anywhere, which results in the provision to stay connected with your data all the time.

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