How to add buttons in Sage X3 V12?

Buttons allow the users to take actions and make choices with a tap. This blog will teach us how to add a button for a particular screen in Sage X3.

To add the button to any of the screens, we need to select the window to which we need to add it.

  • Here in the “ZTST” window, we have a Button/menus tab in which we will select the type as a button. 
  • Here we can enter the code in alphanumeric in uppercase and lowercase letters (e.g., A, B, A1, A2…). 
  • In management, we have two types non-validating and validating.

*Non-validating: The controls on the field are not executed before using the button or the menu.

*Validating: The button is executed if all the controls on the fields are valid.

  • In button text, we will add the text that needs to display on the screen. 
  • Here is the activity column, where we can enter the activation code.

In the below screenshot, we can see a button “Import,” “Refresh,” “Tank,” and “Connection” added on the particular screen.

This blog explains “How to add a button in Sage X3”

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