Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 Release | New Features and Key Updates – I

Acumatica Cloud ERP offers an exceptional business management solution that can help transform your company and thrive in the new digital economy. Recently, Acumatica announced the general availability of Acumatica 2024 R1, the first of its semiannual product releases. This new release was significantly influenced by direct input from Acumatica’s community of customers and partners and was specifically designed to improve usability, increase productivity, and drive efficiency.

During the Day 2 Keynote address of its annual Summit event in Las Vegas, Acumatica announced some of the new features and capabilities of its 2024 R1 release. This latest release delivers hundreds of improvements and feature-rich functionality to users, each of which has been intentionally engineered to enhance usability, drive productivity and efficiency, boost sales, and help businesses compete in their respective markets. Additionally, the updates enable Acumatica customers to take advantage of the trend towards cross-industry convergence and capture new market share.

As part of the 2024 R1 release, a developer preview of the product’s new user interface (UI) was revealed during the Day 2 Summit Keynote. The new UI will be released in a controlled manner later in 2024, before becoming generally available in 2025. Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 Release | New Features and Key Updates-I and II are two blog series compiled by GerminIT to explain the key points of Acumatica’s 2024 R1 updates. 

 In this blog we have categorized Acumatica’s 2024 R1 updates into industry functionalities- 

Construction Highlights:

  • Access AP cost transactions related to progress billing lines from a new side panel for timely vendor payments and increased billing accuracy in pro forma invoices.
  • Give users the ability to input and handle negative spending receipts to reimburse the corporate credit card in full or in part, making GL account reconciliation quicker and easier. 
  • Take advantage of a simplified procedure to guarantee precise and effective management of pro forma invoice changes for previously closed and released accounts receivable documents.

Manufacturing Highlights:

  • Give factory employees the freedom to report concurrent production processes.
  • “Planning horizons,” which allow businesses to specify time-constrained data for use in supply and demand calculations, can optimize MRP creation.
  • To enhance planning by excluding returns and other orders from inventory planning computations, configure MRP and DRP to include or omit sales order types. 

Distribution Highlights:

  • With the new Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) tool, you can enhance demand planning and forecasting with time-phased purchase orders, kit assembly, and warehouse transfer suggestions.
  • Utilise Acumatica and 3G Pacejet to set up packing and shipping scenarios and streamline workflows for processing small package and LTL shipments. Transparency for shipment data is provided without the need for further customization because of the improved integration of these shipping and processing capabilities, which are now at the heart of the Acumatica system. 
  • Improved document searches using invoice and line information, such as sales order type and number, inventory ID, lot or serial number, and order dates, can speed up the return material authorization (RMA) procedure.

Retail and Commerce Highlights:

  • Get synchronized data for order fulfillment, product availability, Amazon fees, payments, and taxes by establishing a single, unified connection between Acumatica and Amazon.
  • Import swaps for the same product at the same or different price, or for a different product at the same or different price, directly from a Shopify POS order into Acumatica to increase productivity and accuracy.
  • Utilize the Commerce connection to import items into Acumatica from Shopify and BigCommerce stores using bidirectional sync.

Financials and CRM Highlights:

  • Using credit card readers to capture payments straight from the Acumatica solution without the need for third-party software would streamline point-of-sale (POS) payment transaction processing.
  • Apply new features like anniversary date resets, banding rules, and easier modifications to automate the monitoring of vacation and sick leave. Allow administrators to plan for future changes and oversee paid time off during an employee’s probation.
  • Reduce errors and increase operational efficiency through enhancements and updates to Acumatica Payments, a new feature launched in 2023 R2, that streamlines payment processes. Acumatica Payments helps simplify credit card payments, bill processing, and field service payments – improving cash flow, profitability, customer loyalty, and more.
  • Customise email templates for project, service, CRM, and subcontract communication based on branch.

Platform and Developer Highlights:

  • Utilize the findings of a generic inquiry as input for other inquiries to calculate ratios and increase reporting flexibility.
  • Using new sequential actions that are independent of circumstances, streamlines the construction of no-code workflows and speeds up workflow processing.
  • Access to the product’s new user interface developer preview.

Points to note-

Upgrade notes You can upgrade your Acumatica ERP instance to 2024 R1 Update 2 if you have any of the following builds installed:

  • 2022 R2 Update 22 (22.222.0013) and earlier 
  • 2023 R1 Update 15 (23.115.0031) and earlier 
  • 2023 R2 Update 10 (23.210.0017) and earlier

In the next blog, Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 Release | New Features and Key Updates – II, we discuss key fixes and enhancements across Finance, Inventory, Order Management, System and Platform, Payroll, Manufacturing, Retail-Commerce, and Service Management domains.

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