Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 Release | New Features and Key Updates – II

Acumatica regularly releases update builds to fix any issues reported through the partner community.
These builds are cumulative, meaning each new update build includes all previous fixes along with new
ones. This makes it easier for Acumatica ERP users to ensure their system is up-to-date and functioning
properly without having to install previously released builds before installing the latest one. It’s important
to keep your Acumatica ERP up-to-date by regularly updating these builds to ensure optimal
In the previous blog, Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 Release | New Features and Key Updates-I, we
categorized Acumatica’s 2024 R1 updates into industry functionalities. This blog will explain key fixes
and enhancements across Finance, Inventory, Order Management, System and Platform, Payroll,
Manufacturing, Retail-Commerce, and Service Management domains-

Acumatica ERP 2024 R1 Release | New Fixes and Enhancement


AC-245250: In rare cases, a failed attempt to release a sales invoice could result in an
inconsistent state of the document, and on further attempts to release it, the system displayed the
following error message: Document Status is invalid for processing.
AC-287183: Incorrect subaccounts were used for expense accrual in AP bills linked to purchase
orders if these bills were created via the Incoming Documents (AP301100) form.
AC-294866: The AP Aging (AP631000) and AP Aged Period-Sensitive (AP630500) reports did
not include bills that were auto-generated as a result of the assignment of multiple installments
credit terms to the original bill.
AC-299999: On the Payments and Applications (AR302000) form, unreleased voided payments
applied to sales orders had an incorrect value in the Available Balance box in the Summary area.
AC-303598: In the following reports, customers with a zero balance for all the report periods but
a non-zero balance in some periods was not shown in the list of customers but was included in
the report totals for each period, which resulted in the report totals that did not match the values
for each customer:
– AR Aging (AR631000)
– AR Aging MC (AR631100)
– AR Coming Due (AR631500)
– AR Coming Due MC (AR631600)
– AR Aged Period Sensitive (AR630500)
– AR Aging by Project (AR631200)
– AR Aged Period Sensitive by Project (AR630600)

A similar issue occurred in Accounts Payable. In the following reports, vendors with a zero balance for all
the report periods but a non-zero balance in some periods was not shown in the list of vendors but were
included in the report totals for each period, which resulted in the report totals that did not match the
values for each vendor:
– AP Aging (AP631000)
– AP Coming Due (AP631500)
– AP Coming Due MC (AP631600)
– AP Aged Period Sensitive (AP630500)
– AP Aging MC (AP631100)
– AP Aging by Project (AP631200)

AC-304528: If on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form, the Estimating feature was
enabled, the system did not calculate taxes according to the configured tax provider on the
Opportunities (CR304000) form.
AC-305212: A closed invoice was not shown on the Process Payment Links (AR513500) form
even if the corresponding payment link was still open.
AC-305643: On the Bills and Adjustments (AP301000) form, if a user clicks the Pay command
for a bill, the system could display the following error message: An error occurred while processing the field Amount Paid value … The issue occurred if the bill had the Joint Payees
check box selected and a joint payment was previously paid and voided.

Inventory and Order Management
AC-184062: If a prepayment request was created from a purchase order on the Purchase Orders
(PO301000) form, the lines with a negative line amount were not added to the prepayment
AC-285381: On the Efficiency of Picking and Packing (SO402020) form, if columns were moved
to the Selected Columns list in the Column Configuration dialog box, they were not shown in the
table although the corresponding check boxes were selected in the Selection area. Fix
Description: The list of columns on the Efficiency of Picking and Packing form is not
configurable. Acumatica Release Notes for 24.102.0053
AC-285791: On the Requests (RQ401000) form, the system did not populate the Issue Status
AC-292625: An error occurred on the Purchase Receipts (PO302000) form during an attempt to
create a purchase return from a purchase receipt using the Return command if at least one stock
item in the purchase receipt had the COGS/Expense account denominated in any currency.
AC-294058: The Pick List – Confirm All (SO644001), Pick List – Confirm Picked (SO644002),
and Pick List – Confirm Picked with Items Barcodes (SO644003) reports had incorrect barcode
commands for the pick list confirmation.
AC-299907: On the Sales Orders (SO301000) form, no document was selected in the Reference
Nbr if a line of the Prepayment type was added to the Payments tab. column, any further action
such as saving the order, adding line details, creating a shipment, or deleting the prepayment line
resulting in the ‘AdjgCuryInfoID’ cannot be an empty error and no changes could be saved.
AC-301574: If a user specified a zero quantity on the Details tab of the Sales Orders (SO301000)
form for an item, then clicked the Related Items button and tried to substitute the item with
another item, the system displayed the following error message: Attempted to divide by zero. Fix
Description: Users now can substitute items with a zero quantity specified if the Keep Original
Price check box is cleared.
AC-301736: If one serial number was specified for a stock item on the Shipments (SO302000)
form and then another serial number was specified during picking on the Pick, Pack, and Ship
(SO302020) form, the following error message was displayed when a user tried to confirm the
pick list: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
AC-302198: If on the Details tab of the Sales Orders (SO301000) form, the Mark for PO check
box was selected and the Purchase to Order option was selected in the PO Source column for a
line of a blanket sales order, a user could not link this line to an existing line of a purchase order
with the Normal type by using the PO Link button on the table toolbar.
AC-302320: On the Purchase Receipts (PO302000) form, a linked landed cost document was not
displayed on the Landed Costs tab if the Allocation Method was set to None for the related landed
cost code on the Landed Cost Codes (PO202000) form.
AC-302725: If on the Sales Orders (SO301000) form, a non-stock item for which the Require
Shipment check box was cleared on the Non-Stock Items (IN202000) form and was added to a sales
order, and then a user selected the Require Shipment check box for this item on the Non-Stock
Items form, and on the Invoices (SO303000) form, created an invoice for the sales order, it was
possible to change the quantity of the line with this non-stock item in the invoice. If the user tried
to release the invoice, the following error occurred: Object reference was not set to an instance of an
AC-302774: If the Paperless Picking feature was enabled on the Enable/Disable Features
(CS1000000) form, a user could not pick items with the same lot from different locations by
using the Pick, Pack, and Ship (SO302020) form if the Use Default Location check box was
selected on the Sales Preferences (SO101000) form.
AC-303816: If the By Quantity option was selected in the Packaging Option box and the Pack
Separately check box was cleared for a stock item on the Packaging tab of the Stock Items
(IN2025000) form when a shipment was created for that item on the Sales Orders (SO301000)
form, no clear explanation of the configuration problem was provided but the following error
the message was displayed instead: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
AC-303838: On the Sales Orders (SO301000) form, if a user created a return order and specified
a negative quantity for a stock item before specifying a warehouse in the detail line when the user
clicked Create Receipt, the following error message was displayed: Order does not contain any
items planned for receipt on.
AC-303945: On the Stock Items (IN202500) form, if a user tried to change a lot/serial class from
the one that did not track serial numbers to the one that tracked serial numbers and if the lot/serial
the class had been changed before for the related template item on the Template Items (IN203000)
form, the following error occurred: Lot/serial class cannot be changed when its tracking method is
not compatible with the previous class and the item is in use.
AC-305770: If a sales order had an order type for which the Auto Create Issue column was
hidden on the Details tab of the Sales Orders (SO301000) form and this sales order was created
by copying an existing sales order with an order type that had the Auto Create Issue column
visible, an error occurred while confirming the shipment for this sales order. When a user clicked
the Confirm Shipment button for the shipment on the form toolbar of the Shipments (SO302000)
form, the following error was shown: An error occurred during processing of the field Quantity
value CS Error: Incorrect value. The value to be entered must be greater than or equal to 0.
AC-309136: On the Shipments (SO302000) form, a shipment could not be confirmed, and an error
was shown if the sales order had the Ship Complete option selected in the Shipping Rule box and
the order contained a line with the 0 quantity (for example, a non-stock item).

System and Platform
AC-304787: In some cases, on the Tenants (SM203520) form, if the Login Name of a tenant contained
special characters, such as an apostrophe or ampersand, the system redirected a user to the home page
instead of the selected form. The issue occurred when the user tried to open a form in a new browser tab
by doing any of the following:
– By selecting the Open in New Tab option for any of the main menu items
– By clicking on a dashboard widget to open the related generic inquiry
– By clicking View Inquiry on the form toolbar of the Generic Inquiry (SM208000) form or View
History on the form toolbar of the Business Events (SM302050) or Automation Schedules
(SM205020) forms

Workaround: Change the tenant’s login name on the Tenants (SM203520) form so that it does not
contain special characters.
AC-304858: The UpdatePages command, which is used to update site pages from a
customization project in offline mode, has been added to the PX.CommandLine tool from the
deprecated CstPublish tool.
AC-306505: It was not possible to select the Item Sales Categories (IN204060) form in an import
scenario to Acumatica Release Notes for 24.102.0053 to configure the import of this form.
AC-306597: In rare cases, a business event was not triggered if the Track All Fields check box
was cleared for this event on the Fields to Track tab of the Business Events (SM302050) form,
even if some fields to be tracked were added to this tab.
AC-307647: Attribute descriptions in a report were displayed in the user’s locale (that is, the
locale that the user signed in with) even if the user selected a different locale on the report form
before running the report. AC-309490: In some cases, the Application Maintenance page of the
Acumatica ERP Configuration Wizard did not display some of the deployed instances.
AC-233716: On the Payroll Batches (PR301000) form, users could experience performance
issues if a large number of time activities were imported.
● AC-284783: When a user ran the NYS-45 report for the New York state on the Government
Reporting (PR504000) form, the NY SUTA tax rate was not populated in the Aatrix form
AC-289608: On the Employee Time Activity (EP307000) form, notes entered for a time activity
could not be saved.
AC-291626: When a user ran the OH IT-942 Annual Form report on the Government Reporting
(PR504000) form, the following error occurred in Aatrix: The AUF date range does not match the
selected form period.
AC-292675: If a user ran a report on the Government Reporting (PR504000) form, the system
displayed one of the following error messages: Input string was not in the correct format or The
given key was not present in the dictionary. This could happen if tax information was not up to
date in the system.
AC-302491: On the Paychecks and Adjustments (PR302000) form, the system displayed the
following error message if a user attempted to open a paycheck whose details included multiple
lines with the same PTO bank: An item with the same key has already been added.
AC-304626: If the description of a time activity was too long, it was not possible to release the
associated payment batch on the Payment Batches (PR305000) form because of the following
error: PR Error: {}: String or binary data would be truncated in table ‘{}.dbo.PMTran’, column
‘Description’. Truncated value:
AC-305632: On the Import Scenarios (SM206025) form, the Union Locals (PR209700) and
Union Locals (PM209700) forms were not available for selection when a user tried to search for
them in the Screen Name lookup box.
AC-306075: The mapping for the Used for Government Reporting column (the
UsedForGovernmentReporting field) on the Tax Settings tab of the Employee Payroll Settings
(PR203000) form was broken in the default REST endpoint. Acumatica Release Notes for
AC-302104: Only two decimal places were displayed for amounts in the Unit Cost and Unit Price
columns on the Totals tab of the Estimates (AM303000) form regardless of the value defined in
the Price/Cost Decimal Places box on the Companies (CS101500) form. That resulted in a
rounded unit price on the Sales Orders (SO301000) and Sales Quotes (CR304500) forms for
documents that referenced an estimate, ultimately impacting the total price in those documents.

AC-304187: The Amazon connector now supports the United Kingdom marketplace in the
Europe region. The corresponding values have been added to the Region and Marketplace boxes
on the Connection Settings tab of the Amazon Stores (BC201020) form.
AC-303219: On the Shipments (SO302000) form, if a user shopped for rates by using the UPS
Ground service method and increased the gross weight of the package beyond 50lbs, the
following error occurred: UPS: Cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into type
‘PX.UpsRestCarrier.Model.CodeDesc’ because the type requires a JSON object.
AC-303787: For imported Amazon orders that were shipped with Amazon Buy as the connected
the carrier supported through ShipEngine, the Correct Shipment command was still available after the
shipment was confirmed on the Shipments (SO302000) form.

Service Management
AC-304368: If a user tried to create a service order from an opportunity on the Opportunities
(CR304000) form with Avalara selected in the Tax Zone box on the Shipping tab, the following
error occurred: The tax amount calculated by the external tax provider cannot be applied to the
document. Error: Another process has updated the ” record. Your changes will be lost.
AC-304894: On the Document Templates (SM209020) form, if a user created a service order or
appointment with line details on the Service Orders (FS300100) or Appointments (FS300200)
form and saved the document as a template, the Billable check box was missing in this template.
AC-305908: In some cases, if the Service Management feature was enabled on the
Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form when a user tried to release an AP bill on the Bills and
Adjustments (AP301000) form, the following error occurred: Unable to cast object of type
‘PX.Data.PXCache1[PX.Objects.FS.FSAppointmentFSServiceOrder]' to type 'PX.Data.PXCache1[PX.Objects. FS.FSAppointment].

AC-304963: Some labels were not translated, if an RPX report was run for the first time after an Acumatica ERP instance was
launched in an Acumatica Release Notes for 24.102.0053 locale other than the default English

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