Tips: Learn how to re-arrange the lines and columns on the Acumatica screen.

While working on Acumatica ERP, users might have to arrange the line items properly to gain a clear view of the items. It is not always clear how to do that. So, use the below-mentioned tricks to re-order the lines. 

Unlike Word, where the pages can’t be rearranged like the slides PowerPoint. It is because PowerPoint has slides that have their elements. Acumatica is like the PowerPoint application where the users can simply re-position the lines and columns. 

In Acumatica, users can re-arrange their lines either by: 

  1. Drag and drop the line items.
  1. Cut a line item and paste it at the desired position. 

Whereas, users can re-arrange the columns either by: 

  1. Drag and drop the columns. 
  1. By using the Column Configurator. 

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