Location Details of Customers in Acumatica

There might be scenarios where the customers have been operating their businesses from multiple locations. And they might require to have a different address for billings, a different address to where they would require the inventory items to be delivered, etc. So today in this blog we will be covering how users can override multiple locations for their customers and hence, can refine their processes.

The data displayed in the below-mentioned steps are from the Sales Demo dataset of Acumatica.

  • After logging into Acumatica, navigate to the Customers (AR303000) form.
  • Here we can see that the selected customer has been operating from 2 different locations, where the Main location has been selected as default. This location contains the details that the system has automatically fetched from the General tab of the Customers (AR303000) form whenever it was created.
  • This represents that whenever a SO is created with this customer, the system will automatically capture the location details of the Main location id for the order.
  • The Bill-to-Address section under the Billing tab represents the address details where the customers can get their billing documents delivered if sent physically by post.
  • If required, users can modify the location address by selecting the Override checkbox.
  • Likewise, the Bill-to-Info section represents the details of the customer where the invoice documents can be sent through mail or fax.
  • If required, users can update the details by checking the Override checkbox.
  • Similarly, the Ship-to-Address section under the Shipping tab displays the location details where the customer would be receiving his ordered items. Users can override by checking the Override checkbox.
  • And the Ship-to-Info section demonstrates the contact details to which the order statuses and updates are to be shared over email or fax and hence, can be overridden.

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