Tips: How to Rename Tabs in Acumatica?

Renaming functionality helps the users to change the display name of the elements so that they don’t have to learn the technical naming conventions.

With the flexibility to customize any screen or create new screens in Acumatica, users can make modifications as per their requirements. With this flexibility, we can even modify the tab names without writing any code.

Use Case: Let us assume that we want to rename the tab Shipping in the Sales Orders (SO301000) screen to Delivery.

Now to rename the tab, below mentioned are the steps:

  1. After logging into Acumatica, create a new customization project on Customization Projects (SM204505) form. 
  1. Add the Sales Orders (SO301000) screen to customize. 
  1. Open it in the Customization Project Editor.

  1. Now in the middle panel, expand the Tab section and navigate to Shipping.

  1. Change the value for the Text field to Delivery and then save it. 

  1. After saving it, the tab name of the gets changed from Shipping to Delivery in the Customization Project Editor.

  1. At last, publish the project. 
  1. Hence, the required tab has been renamed in the Sales Orders (SO301000) screen.

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