Sage X3 V12 Customization for Customer Sales Returns Notification

How a leading scent-based marketing and branding solutions company streamlined its order fulfilment and supply chain logistics with Sage X3 V12


The client is a leading scent-based marketing and branding Solutions Company. Based out of the US, the client aims to create enhanced commercial and home-based spaces with its scent-based solutions. A global player in the fragrance industry, its business expands across multi-site and multi-geographies over the years.

Challenge and Requirement

 Every day the client’s customer care team receives customer returns records raised by the X3 users. The customer with a business requirement of the customer return reaches the date within the expected return rate; it would automatically delete the customer return memo with a subsequent email sent to the customer care team. The email would be triggered based on the following two conditions-

  • Condition-1

When a customer return is created, the expected returned quantity will be filled. At the event of the product return, this returned quantity will be populated. If the value is not 0, then the Sage X3 customization should not send an email to the customer care team saying that the quantity returned does not match the retuned quantity to populate a message “Don’t Delete the return from X3”.

  • Condition-2

When a customer return is created, the expected returned quantity will be filled and when the product is actually returned, the returned quantity will be populated. If the value is 0 and the date is equal to expected returned date then send an email to the customer care team saying the product is not returned, to populate a message “Delete the return from X3”.

For seamless business across the diverse geographies it serves, the client needed a customization in Sage X3 V12 that could send timely notifications to its customer care team based on the two conditions discussed.


After a detailed analysis of the as-is process, GerminIT Sage X3 ERP experts created a batch process that runs at a predefined interval of time every day. It checks the Customer Returns records expected return date field to today date. If that return record matches with the today date then notification gets triggered off the customer care team.


  • Smarter and faster decision-making.
  • Fully integrated solution.
  • Comprehensive sales and inventory control reporting.  
  • Streamlined order fulfilment, procurement, and supply chain logistics

Sage X3- V12- A versatile, easy to integrate ERP solution covers the dynamic functional areas of the modern business functionalities including accounts, distribution, manufacturing and CRM.

We at GerminIT work on creating high impact customizations on Sage X3. Sage X3 is a highly customizable business management solution that suits to meet the needs of the manufacturing, distribution, and service orientated businesses.

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