How to add the Query Tool in the Dashboard in Sage X3V12 (Sage Enterprise Management)

In some of the Sage X3 ERP projects a user may wish to see the project reports on the landing page while they log on to the system. These reports may include records of open purchase orders, purchase receipts and so on. In Sage X3 V12, a user can add a dashboard in the Sage X3 environment to meet this requirement. In this blog, we are going to learn about how to add a dashboard in Sage X3 V12 with the help of a Query Tool.

Follow the below steps to add a dashboard in Sage X3 V12 with a Query tool-

 Step 1: Navigate to All > Setup > Usage > Reports

In the above screenshot, the user has to create or modify a custom/standard query tool. Users can give a code for the dashboard and which fields are needed to be added in the dashboard those fields need to be added in the field’s column itself.

Once we create a query successfully then need to follow the below steps to add the query in the dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Administration > Authoring > Pages

We have to create a Menu item for the query.

Step 3: Add the new landing page which is on the home page of Sage X3, as the screenshot below-

After clicking on the new landing page, we can add the endpoint of the folder so that folder displays on the dashboard. After adding the landing page that page is displayed as a module.

After selecting the Queries category, it will navigate to the below steps.

After adding all those pages then we can see the dashboard which is displayed on the home page of Sage X3 as the screenshot below-

Thus, with the above process we can design the any dashboard and place on the Landing page which user can see when they login into the Sage X3 ERP system.

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