How to resolve the Acumatica error: “Production Order RO AMP000005 contains materials to which parent lot or serial numbers have not been assigned.”

The following issue occurred when an Acumatica user released a component from a material form: “Production Order RO AMP000005 contains material to which parent lot serial numbers have not been assigned”, as below-

Screenshot 1

An Acumatica user is seen to separate the components from the material in the screenshot up top. Subsequently, the system then issued a warning notice. This blog explains how to resolve the issue-

Step 1: In the lines, specify the Lot/Serial number in the parent Lot/Serial number column. After specifying Lot/serial numbers on the form toolbar, click Save.

Screenshot 2

Now confirm the shipment; the system will not push any error message.

After releasing the materials, the status changed from Balanced to Released (Screenshots 2 and 3).

Screenshot 3

Thus, the procedure for obtaining this error message in Acumatica.

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