How to resolve Inactive Financial Period error in Acumatica. 

While trying to create the invoice from the Shipments (SO302000) form, the following error might occur- The Financial Period is Inactive

While trying to create the invoice from the Shipments (SO302000) form, the following error might occur “Inserting ‘AR Invoice/Memo’ record raised at least one error. Please review the errors. Error: The 08-2022 financial period is inactive in the SWEETLIFE company”
Please refer the below screen shot where the user is trying to create an invoice for the customer “COFFEESHOP”. But since, the period in which the invoice would be posted isn’t activated in the system.

Below mentioned are the steps to resolve the error: 

Step1: In main menu select Finance.

Under Processes category select Manage Financial Periods (GL503000) form.

Step2: In summary area enter the following: 

  • Company= SWEETEQUIP 
  • Action=OPEN 
  • To Year=2022 

This displays the list of inactive periods. 

The “08-2022” in the accompanying screen image is inactive, which is why the system triggered he issue. 

Step3: Activate the “08-2022” period. To activate the period, do the following; 

 In the below lines select the unlabelled checkbox for “08-2022” period and click on Process button.

The period is then activated by the system. And hence, when the user tries to create the invoice again, the system will not display any error messages. 

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