How to check Specific Activity Codes Which are Active at the Folder Level in Sage X3 V12?

In this blog, we will learn how to check specific activity codes that are active at the folder level in Sage X3. Activity codes activate or deactivate dictionary elements such as tables, table indexes, tabs, screen sections, or fields. The value of the activity codes is defined in folder management.

Navigation: All->Setup->General Parameters->Folder.

First, select the folder, and in a specific tab, we can see the activity codes in the GDEV folder. A specific tab section displays a table containing the values and characteristics associated with the activity codes starting with X, Y, or Z.

Screenshot 1

Here is the list of active activity codes on the folder level. Refer to screenshots 1 and 2-

Screenshot 2
Hope this blog helps you check activity codes active at the folder level in Sage X3. Stay tuned for more informative blogs and quick tips on Sage X3 V12.

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