How to Add a User Account for a New Employee in Acumatica ERP?

Use case: Imagine that as a system administrator, you have been asked to add a user account for Kelly James, a new hire who has accepted a position as a warehouse worker. The applicable management has reviewed, authorized, and justified the request.

Step1: In the main menu or Workspace, select User security module;

Then, select the User (SM201010) form under the User Management category and open it (screenshot 1).

Screenshot 1

Step 2: After opening the form on the form toolbar, click the add new record button; in the log-in box, specify the employee name, James, and Clear the Generate Password check box. In the password box, specify Return123. Specify the First name as Kelly, the last as James, and Email (Screenshot 2). After that, in the comment box, mention Warehouse worker. After that, Set the following options to determine each user’s unique password policy:

●       Allow Password Recovery: Selected
●       Allow Password Changes: Selected
●       Password Never Expires: Cleared
●       Force User to Change Password on Next Login: Selected

Screenshot 2

Step3: By checking the boxes in the Selected column under the Roles tab, give the following roles to the user:
●       Internal User
●       Branch Head Office
●       Warehouse Worker

After specifying the details on the form toolbar (Screenshot 3), click “Save.”

Screenshot 3

This is how an Acumatica ERP can add a User Account for a New Employee in Acumatica ERP. To integrate Acumatica ERP into your business, mail us at Acumatica ERP promotes efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately improving business performance and growth.

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