How GerminIT’s support team can help Maximize your Business Value?

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The success of an organization in any industry relies greatly on its customer base. Moreover, it is essential for the establishment of deep and lasting partnerships. We are really glad to state that after beginning as an offshore support partner, we progressively began to provide our developments to a wide range of sectors and domains, expanding the reach of our clientele across the globe from Australia to the USA.

Due to our extensive support experience, we can recognize the pain points of the customers without their detailed explanation. We work diligently to find comprehensive solutions to issues, and we take great care and security to protect client information.

Top 3 L1 issues that impact BAU for Sage X3 customers:

  1. Due to regular changes in stock levels, 46% reported LPN lock issues, which halted operations for 4 to 4.5 hours until an X3 administration team member resolved it. 
  1. 31% reported print scan gun coordination issues with X3 due to poor connectivity, immediate verification needs to be carried out. Our support team could identify these kinds of problems right away and offer the necessary assistance to improve the operations. 
  1. Another 26% claimed that the website was down due to high user traffic and had hosting troubles that necessitated server restarts. Our support team frequently monitors these types of issues and prevents the worsening of the situation.

Our L1 support team will be available around the clock to assist our clients. We not only solve the issues, but we also train them how to handle urgent issues and respond appropriately in an emergency. 

We compile a list of the client’s requirements, rank them, and set specific project goals. We prioritize the work based on the urgency and significance of the clients. After analyzing the challenges encountered by the clients, we report the issues to the clients and take their approval for further proceedings.

With more than five years of expertise, our L1/L2 support team will respond to the issues right away and is available 24/7.

They will be working on the issues and provide a detailed analysis report and identify the root cause of the issue and inform the management and proceed to solve the issues.

GerminIT is a firm believer in mutually beneficial collaborations and win-win scenarios. We give more value and respect to the clients who put their trust in us. We have customers that have been with us for more than five years, which serves as an example of our enduring relationships.

Have similar kinds of issues? Contact us at or reach out to Mr. Asif ( Customer success manager, for a collaborative relationship.


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