Displaying page numbers in the footer of the Acumatica screen.

The page numbers in Acumatica allow the user to find particular records and ease the size of the data by citing specific pages.

Page numbers play an important role in presenting data to users.

It might happen that on some screens, you don’t see the page numbers or the number of records. Perhaps the paging feature is not enabled for the screen. Because Acumatica offers flexible customization options, users can enable paging for both the standard and new customized screens.

To enable the pager feature on the Acumatica screen, below mentioned are the steps:

  1. After logging into Acumatica, add/create a new customization project. Here we have added the Vendor Summary (AP401000) screen.

  1. Now under the Layout Properties tab of the Grid: History section (which is displayed in the middle pane), navigate and expand the Actions Bar.

  1. Now select the position to display the pager in the Pager Visible field. 
  1. Also, set the value of PreservePageIndex= true.

  1. And then click on the Save button in the middle pane. 
  1. Now open and edit the same page – AP401000.aspx in Visual Studio or any other editor by editing the following code:

  1. Save the code. 
  1. Now in the Project Editor, when we click on the Edit ASPX button to open the ASPX code of the screen, we can see that the modified code has been updated.

  1. And at last, publish the project to apply the changes to the page. 
  1. These steps apply to Acumatica’s standard screens. Therefore, upgrading the instance might affect it. You can edit newly created screens by accessing their ASPX files under the File section of the Customization Project Editor.

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