Calling the Action Screen through Code in Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management)

calling the action through code in Sage X3

In this document, we will know about calling the action through code in Sage X3. By calling the action, a developer may perform their Sage X3 ERP customizations. Let’s know about this function in detail.

For creating the action follow the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to All -> Development -> Script dictionary -> Action

Step 2: Syntax for calling the Action screen through code



VALBOUT and PARBOUT — Character strings

ZVALSIG — Action code

SPEZVALSIG — Specific script of action ‘ZVALSIG’

4 — Template type in Action

Refer to the below code in the screenshot for a better understanding –

The above calling function is used to call the Action which a developer has created in the Actions.

The window below will open as in the screenshot when the above function is called-

Thus, in this blog, we have learnt how Sage X3 lets a developer call the action screen through code in the Sage X3 ERP system.

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