How to do the Supplier prepayments allocation in Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management)

Sagex3 supplier allocations improve your business relationship between supplier/Customer.

Improving the relations between Supplier/Customer might maximize business. Sagex3 supplier allocations improve your business relationship between supplier/Customer. Sometimes a supplier might need a deposit before commencing work on associated order, or the order might need to be paid ahead. Sagex3 has quite a simple prepayment process in V12. 

Every prepayment has mapped with their various invoices.

Following are the steps to map a Supplier prepayment allocation to a Supplier Invoice:

  1. Navigate to “A/P-A/R accounting -> Open Item -> Supplier allocations”.
  2. Fill in the required details:
  3. Company name: Company for which the settlement to be done.
  4. Site: The corresponding site.
  5. Pay by: Supplier from whom the prepayment has been done.
  6. Accounting date: The date till which the prepayments need to be fetched.
  7. Click on search.
  8. The system would display all the prepayment (From payment tables) that is done by the supplier for a given accounting date.

Following are some of the important fields within the table:

Allocation: This field determines the prepayment status in supplier allocation. We can see 3 types of allocations in the dropdown list.

  • Order: Once the user completed the payments process for the prepayment order those can seem in the supplier allocation window.
  • Invoice: We can map the multiple invoices (Open items) with prepayment transactions.
  • Unallocated: Prepayments are not mapped with any specific Order/Invoice.

Type: Invoice entry type, by using the document type we can post invoices for prepayments.

Order/Invoice: The Order/invoice document number.

Paid: The amount paid within the prepayments.

Amount to post: Enter the amount to post on the order or invoice.

By using the Assignment button, we can allocate the invoices to payments.

Customer prepayments also work in a similar manner.

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