How to check the Activity Code is “Active” in Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management)

In Sage X3, we work on several customizations based on the project demand. We assign a unique activation code, to simplify each customization. However, it might get tricky when we write the code for different customization in a single processing file and we need to deactivate one in all the customizations. To solve this, we need to look for a hook which will restrict the processing of the code if a specific customization.

To overcome the above problem, Sage ERP X3 provides the feature of the Screen to deactivate the Activity Code. Here are the changes we need to undertake for the needful:


func AFNC.ACTIV(“Z”) — Where Z is that the Activity code we’ve got to position.

  • Example: Refer to the below snippet for a better understanding.

Navigation: All > Development > Script dictionary > Screens.

Create a new screen that you simply need to use for the activity Code (refer below screenshot) and enter the formula for the activity code as:  

func AFNC.ACTIV(“ZML”) — Where ZML is that the Activity code that you are referring.

How to check the Activity Code

Now within the coding part we can check if this screen is true the code should process else not.

  • ‘0’ – The activity code is inactive
  • ‘1’ – The activity code is active

This how you can check which Activity Code is “Active” in Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management) while working on Sage X3 customizations.

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