Trial Modes and License Specifications in Acumatica

Explore Acumatica’s trial modes and licenses. This guide provides insights into specifications, helping you make informed decisions for your business.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these modes work and the key factors that define Acumatica’s licensing. Whether you’re new to Acumatica or need insights into its licensing process, this article covers everything you need to know to navigate trial modes and license specifications effectively.

Acumatica ERP is first deployed in trial mode. Although all functionalities are available in this mode, it has the following limitations:

  • Per instance, a maximum of 10 tenants may be created.
  • The status of test Tenant applies to every tenant you establish.
  • All reports and forms that are printed include the watermark.
  • The system can only support two typical users at the same time. When a third traditional user logs in to Acumatica ERP, one of the current users is automatically signed out. At the bottom of each form, the following notice appears, followed by the Activate link, which you may use to activate a license: Your product is now in trial mode. There can only be two concurrent users.
  • The system can only support two API users at the same time. A third API user is unable to login to Acumatica ERP and receives an error message.
  • In trial mode, you can enable and use any function. For a production site, you need to activate the full-product license, putting the system in license mode. Following license activation, the system conceals the features that are not included in your license on the Enable/Disable Functions form, and you will be unable to enable these features.
  • The trial mode restrictions are eliminated when you purchase a license for Acumatica ERP and apply it to an instance. The license specifies the licensing tier, which is the number of resources you may use with the license and the set of features you can activate for the instance.
  • The application instance is restarted during licensing and activation. When applying a license in a non-testing environment, ensure that all users of your website are notified of the site’s restart so that they may save any work in progress.
  • If you use Acumatica Self-Service Portal, you must first purchase a license for the Self-Service Portal instance, then activate the license, and then enable the necessary Self-Service Portal features.

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