Acumatica Tips: Displaying the discounts applied on each product after importing SO from BigCommerce/Shopify

Use Case: The user wants to configure the system with BigCommerce, and it should display the discounts applied to each product in the Sales Orders (SO301000) screen of Acumatica. All the below-mentioned steps contain the data from the U100 dataset.

To achieve this, below mentioned are the steps:

  1. After logging into Acumatica, navigate to the BigCommerce Stores (BC201000) form.
  2. Under the Order Settings tab, select Line Discounts for Show Discounts As field.
  3. And then click on the Save button, screenshot 1.
Screenshot 1
  1. Now let’s place a test order in the store where two promotional discounts have been defined. And both for individual products.
  2. Upon placing and importing the order from BigCommerce to Acumatica, navigate to the respective order on the Sales Orders (SO301000) screen; refer to screenshot 2.
Screenshot 2
  1. Under the Details tab, we can check out the amount and percentage applied to individual products, refer to screenshot-3.
Screenshot 3

A similar procedure would be followed to display the discounts for Shopify Stores.

Hence, this way, users can check out the discounts applied on every product from the Sales Orders (SO301000) screen in Acumatica. To learn more capabilities of Acumatica, contact us at


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