Acumatica Sales Order Form Printing, Emailing, and Exporting

While working on Acumatica ERP, let us establish a sales order for a certain consumer once they place an order. When a customer asks for an order’s details, we print the sales order form and give it to them by hand, mail, or post. We produce sales order forms and deliver them to the warehouse department when they need to distribute things to customers per a sales order.

Step 1: In the main menu, select the Sales Order Module.

Then, under the Printed forms Category, Select the Sales Order (SO641010) form and open it; refer to screenshots 1 and 2-

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Step 2: In the Report Parameter tab, Specify the Order Type and Order Number, and on the form toolbar, Click Run Report, then the system will generate the form, and on the form toolbar, Click Print, then the system will open the Printing settings and click Print (screenshots 3-5)

Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5

Step 3: Send Particular Sales order; after running the report on the form toolbar, Click Send, then the system navigates to the Email activity form, and on the form toolbar, click Save and Send (Screenshots 6-7).

Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7

Step 4: Export a Particular Sales Order. After Running the report on the form toolbar, click Export and select Excel. The system will download them into an Excel sheet. After that, if we want to export into PDF, we can export by selecting PDF in Export. After selecting PDF, the system will download it into PDF format (Screenshots 8–9).

Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9

With the help of this blog, we have learned the steps to printing, mailing, and exporting the form into Excel or PDF format for a sales order in Acumatica.

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