Learn How to add a side panel from a generic inquiry in Acumatica

To access data from within ERP, Acumatica ERP offers a powerful data analysis reporting tool – Generic Inquiry. Anyone with basic logical skills may update and construct a Generic Inquiry, which offers On Screen results based on the specified criteria.

The side panel in Acumatica ERP allows you to easily navigate to another screen without changing the browser’s tab or window. The side panel may be expanded and collapsed on the left side of the screen. The feature makes it easy to see or change the records.

Step 1: Navigate to the Sales Order (SO3010PL) screen, on the top pane of Acumatica broaden the Customization menu, and click Edit Generic Inquiry.

Step 2: The Edit Generic Inquiry button opens a Generic Inquiry screen (SM208000) with Sales Order chosen by default. Navigate to the Navigation Tab and click the (+) button to add a new Navigation Target.

Step 3: By using the picker or a search for the screen name, add the Sales Order (SO301000) screen and set the Window Mode to Side Panel. As necessary, add the navigational parameters. In this instance, we will choose Field, “OrderNbr,” “OrderType,” and Parameters.

The Sales Orders side panel will now appear on the right.

Step 4: The sales order screen opens as a side panel and displays the sales order data for the selected sales order line on the grid as shown below.

Since it is only a display mode, all features are available, and actions may be conducted from the screen opened in the side panel. This feature has the advantage of requiring no programming and allowing anybody to apply these adjustments.

As a result, having a side panel saves the user time by providing faster access to commonly used screens on a regular basis.

Thus the process follows to create a side panel from the Generic inquiry screen.

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