How to resolve the “negative stock prohibited for this product” error in Sage X3

For any organization, a reliable ERP system is a valuable tool to track and analyze its sales performance with a focus on individual customers. During sales delivery creation, if a Sage X3 developer faces a “negative stock prohibited for this product” issue in Sagex3, follow the below steps to solve it. Refer to Screenshot 1. 

Screenshot 1

Step 1: Navigation to all—–Stock—–Stock—–Receipt/issue transaction—– miscellaneous receipt. 

 Refer to screenshot 2.

Screenshot 2

Step 2: Open the miscellaneous receipt function and click on the NEW button stock site “NA011” and product “BMS030” and Quantity “100” and create it. Refer to screenshot 3. 

Screenshot 3

Step 3: Navigate to all—–Sales—-Sales— Order. Refer to screenshot 4. 

Screenshot 4

Step 4:  Open the sales order function, select the above sales order details, and click on the allocation button. Refer to screenshot 5. 

Screenshot 5

Allocation of a window will get a pop-up window; click on the allocation button. Refer to screenshot 6.  

Screenshot 6

Solution: When there is no stock available after creating a sales order. You can get stock availability using this method. 

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