How to create Blanket Purchase Orders in Acumatica?

Blanket POs is an agreement between the buyer and the vendor/supplier, for the supplier to deliver the goods & services to the buyer, at a pre-set price, for a definite period of interval.

A Blanket PO in Acumatica can be fulfilled through multiple POs. The steps to create a Blanket PO in Acumatica are as follows:

  1. Redirect to the Purchases on the main menu and add a new record in Purchase Orders (PO3010PL) form.

  1. Select Type=Blanket and set the expiry date of the Blanket PO.

  1. Add the Stock/Non-Stock item & enter the quantity, Unit Cost for which this Blanket is being created. 

  1. Click on Save & then Remove Hold. The Blanket order gets saved and its status changes to “Open”. 

  1. Now create a new Purchase Order of Type=Normal. Select the vendor. To add the item of the Blanket PO, click on “Add Blanket PO” or “Add Blanket PO Line”. 

  1. The following dialog box opens. Check-mark the required Blanket Order to be used and click on Save

  1. The item for which Blanket Order is created gets added. Enter the quantity to be purchased. As seen here the Unit Cost for this order gets copied from the Blanket order. Click on Save & Remove Hold. The status of the order changes to “Open”. 

  1. Since here we created the PO for 10 qty of oranges, the quantity will get captured in the respective Blanket Order as follows. 

  1. When the “Qty on Receipts” gets equal to the “Order Qty” of the Blanket Order the status will get changed to “Completed” as shown below. 

Hence, in this way users can create Blanket POs in Acumatica.

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