Sage X3

A trusted and leading Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider, offers a cost-effective ERP software suite with integrated functionality for planning, implementations, customizations, and reporting solutions for your regular core business. 

Discover the unparalleled support of GerminIT to support your company’s Platform Integration, System Administration, and Migration functions.


A thoroughly blended ERP solution centralizes core business functions. Procedures are automated to eradicate manual intervention and data errors.

For almost every customer, GerminIT's ERP implementation is one of the most challenging phases of the ERP project. Poor implementation causes 55% to 75% of all ERP projects to fail to meet their objectives.

GerminIT X3 Consulting can assist you in managing your business with Sage X3, lowering operational costs worldwide.


Recent Sage X3 enhancements give you more options for customizing the format and layout on the Sage X3 dashboard. You can now change the size of the columns and mix, match, and edit the content that appears on the personalized dashboard. Let’s take a closer look at customizing the Sage X3 dashboard with GerminIT.

Creating a New Tab

Choose the Sage X3 Dashboard Layout Format

Add and Modify Dashboard Gadgets


Do you want Sage X3 to change your company’s fortunes? GerminIT can provide even more assistance, optimizing the operation of your Sage X3 system and relieving pressure on your in-house team, in addition to your traditional support service. GerminIT’s three accommodating capabilities allow you to meet all of your company’s requirements in one location:


Proactive X3 experts to ensure system health.


Extra advice and expertise for your business needs.


Our experienced and robust operations offer expertise and advice to your business.

Platform Integration

Using GerminIT’s centralized integration platform, you can create, manage, and monitor your Sage X3 integrations. Send and receive data between web services of third-party software, configured via the graphical dashboard or code that lets you to

Reduce time to generate reports
Enhances planning, monitoring and bench-marking
In-depth data mining to improve customer relationships
360° visibility into business operations


Sage Intelligence Reporting assists you in the following ways:

Saves organizational time and money by delivering accurate and up-to-date reports without preparing or reviewing data for accuracy.

Enhanced Collaboration: Improves information access by allowing to schedule and automate report distribution.

Experiment with reporting and analysis flexibility: The new Report designer gives you complete control over financial reporting to create financial layouts quickly.

Remove spreadsheet chaos:
Provides real-time, trusted ERP transactional data.


GerminIT meets system acceptance requirements by providing your company with an end-to-end financial management solution that improves financial reporting and compliance.

Sage X3 enables your company to make informed decisions, manage global accounting operations, and proactively manage risks and compliance.

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Sage X3 is a powerful solution with deep industry expertise that introduces new capabilities and technologies and typically replaces third-party add-ons

If you are planning a migration to Sage X3, we at GerminIT recommend you consider a comprehensive migration strategy to help you prepare for successful business output.

With the release of new updates, every client wants to upgrade their system to a higher version for improved performance and fresh features by performing pre-migration and post-migration steps.