With just a click

you can complete all the intercompany processes

Delivery of products and receipts among the sites

A related purchase order is automatically generated bySage X3 Intercompany automation whenever you create an inter company sales order. Likewise, if an intercompany purchase order is initiated, the sales order is automatically generated in response.

Raising the invoices to the customers and from suppliers

When a company creates a purchase order and the location is mentioned as per the requirement in the record, an intercompany delivery creation is created automatically in that company with Intercompany automation.

Creation of Entries for financial reporting

By authenticating all transactions in real-time and promptly syncing them with the central system with the support of Intercompany automation, you can lower errors and miscommunication at the time of delivery.

Only authorised users can create transactions through the IC process

Information about the provider and the posting is automatically added to the relevant fields. The pre-configured users are the only ones who have access. Intercompany processes regularly scan for internal and external threats, necessitating patch upgrades.

Greater adaptability for your business flow

With the Order screen in Sage X3, we may generate a direct sales invoice for a specific order. But, Sage X3has offered a mechanism that enables us to quickly make an invoice for a variety of orders by adopting Automated order invoicing, enabling it to create invoices for bulk Orders.