How a Pharmaceutical Company Automated its Order Receiving Process Using Sage X3 Customization

Company Overview

The client is a leading American c chain dealing in Omega 3 supplements. The pharmaceutical company’s orders range from single-use home-based consumption to bulk supplies. The pharmaceutical company retails the supplements from more than 30 stores with order volumes increasing at an exponential rate.

These operations are time-consuming and labour-intensive. The verification of online orders from the website and checking of inventory stocks before order placement, delivery, and payments schedules, add up to 30% of human efforts, taking more time and resource utilization.

Automating the non-value-adding process

The client approached GerminIT for a holistic solution. GerminIT’s Sage X3 team identified order processing and inventory verification as non-value-adding process steps which caused cost escalations.

GerminIT’s Sage X3 consultants suggested leveraging technology to make existing processes more efficient. The client suggested automating its order-receiving process by integrating its website with the Sage X3 system.

The customized system created a line item automatically in the SageX3 system for each order. Post the customisation solution was implemented, the operations team handled each order with real-time inventory verification and payment processes.

Customizing The Solution

GerminIT offered website integration with Sage X3 system thus helping the client to-

 Focus more on production and inventory planning rather than spending time on manual order fulfilment.

Analyze real-time data for orders, projections and pipelines thereby helping the client with accurate future decisions on budgets and revenues.

Greater flexibility to introduce a reward system based on bulk orders and recurring customers which was implemented within X3. This helped customers to avail instant rewards which led to better customer relationship management.

Improved customer relations which led to substantial growth in sales numbers.

“GerminIT team was helpful in assessing the ‘Non-Value Adding Process Steps in our value chain and bringing in a simple yet effective solution for us. We explored multiple solutions which were complex and incurring 3X cost, but the GerminIT team’s approach was to simplify the solution yet achieve desired results.”

       -Head of Operations
Results & takeaways

The successful integration of eCommerce and Sage X3 has helped in streamlining the purchasing and distribution processes, simplifying the day-to-day operations.

Company American pharmaceutical chain dealing in Omega 3 supplements.

Business Case  The client faced challenges checking for orders received through the website, verifying inventory from the ERP system, and then proceeding with the order process till the payment cycle was completed.
The client felt the need for a customized system to create a line item automatically in the SageX3 system for each order.

Solution Offered  Customization Solution in the Purchasing process at the Sales Order Level.