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Industrial Compound Hosting Warehouse Provider Trusts Salesforce and Sage X3 Integration for their Operations

The client is one of the leading Industrial warehouse providers, offering to lease or rent out services to companies for setting up their stalls for public display. The customer has a collection of 40 huge warehouses that are open for industrial setups, art and cultural exhibits, design studios, art galleries, and private museums.The client’s marketing team reaches out to companies worldwide to offer space to set up their unit in the warehouse space. The companies which show interest to set up their exhibits get into a leasing contract for a stipulated period. Upon agreeing to the contract terms and conditions, the lead becomes a customer.

As a prospect becomes a lead and then a customer, the accounting transactions such as invoicing, payments, receipts, and contract renewals are maintained by the client’s internal operations team. With the massive scale of operations handled by the client, it is quite challenging to manage the marketing-sales operations along with the back-end operations on the accounting side. On average, the client receives 20-25 new leases/renewal requests every month. This number grows 4 times during the yearly festival and holiday season, which becomes the hotspot for companies setting up their exhibits