- Case Studies


How an award-winning supplier of batteries and service to the OEM sector in the US updated its Core Banking Customizations from V9 to V12

The client is a major distributor of batteries, chargers, inverter chargers, and accessories across the
United States that maximizes the user’s equipment performance. The client is a pioneer in
manufacturing industrial and motive power batteries and charger packs for pallet jacks/forklifts. It even
provides equipment manufacturers with inverter chargers and battery bank sizing and kits and
collaborates with solar installers with grid-tie, hybrid & off-grid renewable energy turn-key packages.
As a requirement with GerminIT Sage X3 experts, the client would like to update its Core Banking
Customizations from V9 to V12. Its return record is created, and it automatically creates the miscellaneous
receipt. While making the miscellaneous receipt record due to version differences shows a couple of errors in the standard script.


GerminIT’s Sage X3 customization experts performed the following actions to migrate the client’s
software from V9 to V12.

• Created V9 patch.
• Added custom fields in the standard tables & screens.
• Integrated V9 patch in V12.

GerminIT’s Sage X3 customization experts developed a
custom program that deals with the automatic process
of miscellaneous receipt creation.

invoicing, payments, and receipt of these
freight between the shipping companies and the distributor.
The process of handling each freight invoice is manual and requires the operations team to update the details in the ERP system. This process was prone to manual errors, was time consuming, and resulted in inefficient operations.