- Case Studies


How a global instrumentation and controls company implemented Sage X3 customization for better efficiency and service quality.

The client is a global instrumentation and controls company with an outstanding reputation for quality and safety. They would like to enhance
their Service Request screen in Sage EM such that there is a new button in the Right Contextual Menu that when pressed will automatically create
a Service Response Record for each Installed Based Line associated with the Service Request and launch the Service Response function to the record(s) created against the service request.
The reason for this change is that there could be many installed baselines on a service request and having to both add the base items to the service request and create individual service responses for each of them will impact productivity for the service department.

Its operations, research, and manufacturing activities span nine countries handled by over 250 employees. The client has chosen Sage X3 for its U.S. operations, which is a conglomerate of 53 small companies, focusing on OTC (over-thecounter) healthcare products and their distribution. The manufacturing of these products is handled from different plants spread across multiple countries around the world.

Example Scenario

The customer has 50 instruments that are set up as installed base products in X3. The customer truck stops by and drops off the 50 instruments, wanting each to be serviced (calibration, cleaning, etc.). The intake person receives the 50 products and writes up a service request, adding the 50 base items to the request. Instead of the technician assigned to each instrument creating their own service response, the intake person presses a button on the right side of the service request and a service response is created for each instrument automatically (50 total) to save data entry time.