How to create a new Customer in Acumatica? 

Creating customer allows us to store all customer-related information to conduct business. Users can create a new record with minimal clicks and enter all the required data being on one screen itself.

In Acumatica ERP a Customer record can be created in the following steps. 

Step 1: In main menu select Sales order module. 

Then under Profiles category select Customers (AR303000) form and open it. After opening the form on the form toolbar click Add New Record button. 

Step 2: In summary area specify the Customer ID and select appropriate Customer classes; which will populate various elements automatically that have already been defined in the selected customer class. 

Step 3: In General tab, specify the customer’s name which can be the Trade name and specify Address, Phone number, Primary contact as needed. 

Step 4: In Financial tab, the settings are auto-populated via the selected customer class.

Step 5: In Billing Tab specify Bill-To address and contact information, select preferred Print and & Email Settings section, Payment method is default from customer class. 

Step 6: In Shipping tab specify Ship-to address, which may vary from Billing address. 

Step 7: In Location tab specify customer location

Step 8: In Payment Methods tab select any one of the payments as the default payment method. Then on the form toolbar click on Save. 

Hence, in this way customer record can be created in Acumatica

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